Kraken Case Study

Understanding Recruitment played a vital role in assisting Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, with their engineering and security talent needs during a scaleup. We quickly became trusted partners, particularly skilled in finding niche crypto-native talent like Rust developers. Our support led to over 150 successful placements in various engineering roles, contributing to Kraken's growth and success in the competitive crypto industry. The partnership extended beyond Kraken, as Understanding Recruitment gained expertise in securing Rust talent for other clients in the crypto space.

Client Overview

Kraken is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange, recognised for its reliability and security. Established in 2011, it has grown to become one of the largest global platforms for buying, selling, and trading digital assets. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive security measures, Kraken offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies and trading options to cater to the needs of both experienced traders and newcomers.

Years ago, we began our collaboration with the smaller organisation Crypto Facilities. When Kraken acquired them in 2019, news of our successful partnership spread, leading to more opportunities within Kraken's engineering functions globally. Today, we stand as an essential pillar of Kraken's success story, shaping the future of the cryptocurrency industry together.

The Challenges

Kraken encountered significant challenges in their hiring endeavours, particularly in the realm of engineering talent acquisition. Initially, their needs were straightforward – they required a considerable number of engineers to meet the growing demands of the cryptocurrency industry. As their collaboration with us, Understanding Recruitment, expanded to encompass various areas like DevOps, Data, Testing, Product, Frontend, App Development, Python, and C++, the hiring processes encountered hurdles due to the lack of established protocols within the organisation. While the internal team at Kraken was talented and enthusiastic, they were still in the early stages of developing concrete hiring procedures, resulting in an ad hoc and reactive approach to recruitment. Given the sheer scale of their hiring requirements, this approach posed considerable challenges.

On the Java front, Kraken faced the difficulty of finding talent that met their high standards. As for Rust, the challenge was not only to identify skilled individuals but also to achieve the desired numbers quickly. Experienced Rust talent remained scarce and elusive, making the hiring process time-consuming and demanding. However, despite these challenges, Kraken and Understanding Recruitment shared a common commitment to maintaining high standards, ensuring that only top-notch candidates were considered for positions.

The Solution

While other agencies initially attempted to assist with the hiring process, Understanding Recruitment demonstrated an unparalleled understanding of Kraken's needs and became a genuine partner and advisor in the project. As the collaboration with stakeholders across Talent Acquisition, HR, Engineering Managers, and Directors deepened, it became evident that our team grasped the nuances of Kraken's culture and requirements, making us an indispensable asset in securing the right talent. Although Kraken managed to make some hires internally, our support played a crucial role in meeting the pressing engineering requirements within the desired timeframe. As our relationship evolved, we not only fulfilled Kraken's immediate needs but also became a driving force in fostering a smooth and effective hiring process that allowed for continued growth and improvement.

By implementing pre-screening, introducing new tech test procedures, making interview process changes, providing training to internal members about the benefits of pre-close, and leveraging LinkedIn for marketing, we significantly enhanced and streamlined Kraken's hiring process.

The Results


Working closely with Kraken, we achieved remarkable results, with a total of over 150 successful placements across various engineering roles. The recruitment process covered a wide range of technology domains, and though timelines were dynamic with fluctuations in hiring needs, we adapted flexibly to accommodate these changes. Throughout our collaboration, we engaged with and thoroughly assessed thousands of tech talents, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates progressed through our rigorous screenings. Additionally, we oversaw hundreds of candidates completing challenging technical assessments and actively supported many individuals in upskilling, especially in emerging areas like Rust, where some candidates had never worked before. Our commitment to identifying top talent and assisting them in honing their skills contributed significantly to Kraken's ability to build a strong and capable engineering team.

Just some of the 150+ roles we filled for Kraken:

  • Senior Frontend Engineer
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Rust Engineer
  • C++ Engineer
  • React Native Developer
  • C++ Developer
  • Big Data Platform Engineer
  • SDET – Python
  • Java Developer
  • Engineering Manager
  • Golang Developer
  • Node Engineer
  • Software QA
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Java Engineer
  • Graduate Java Developer
  • Mifid Engineer
  • Senior DevOps Engineer
  • Full-Stack Developer

As a massive player in hiring Rust Engineers, Kraken's emphasis on this specialised talent pool further strengthened our collaboration. Our experience with Kraken expanded beyond their specific engineering requirements, and we ventured into various projects with other clients in the Rust space. This broader exposure allowed us to gain valuable insights and expertise, making us even more adept at identifying and securing top-notch Rust professionals for Kraken and other clients alike. As the Rust ecosystem continues to grow, we are poised to continue our fruitful partnership with Kraken, while also actively supporting other companies seeking Rust talent in this dynamic and evolving industry.