Unitary Case Study

Understanding Recruitment (UR) partnered with Unitary.ai, a pioneering UK-based AI start-up specialising in detecting harmful content and providing machine learning solutions. Unitary faced challenges in rapidly scaling their tech team to meet demands and building a diverse workforce. UR, led by Anna, swiftly sourced top talent aligned with Unitary's culture, filling key positions like software and DevOps engineering roles. This enabled Unitary to focus on core responsibilities while UR handled the recruitment process. The collaboration resulted in increased revenue and successful fundraising of £8 million. UR's ongoing support continues, reinforcing Unitary's growth and commitment to diversity in the AI and engineering industry.

Client Overview

Unitary.ai is a pioneering company specialising in AI and machine learning solutions that detect harmful content and keep brands and platforms safe. Established in 2017, they lead the industry with their advanced AI platform, specialising in video moderation. Unitary was recommended to our services by the CTO of another company with whom we had established a long-standing relationship.

The Challenges

Unitary faced several challenges when they approached us for assistance. These challenges encompassed various aspects of their recruitment and team-building process.

Firstly, they needed to scale up their technology team rapidly to meet the increasing demand from potential clients. Their initial brief to us was to quickly fill software engineering and DevOps engineering roles.

In addition to the speed of hiring, Unitary expressed a strong commitment to building a diverse and inclusive team. They sought an agency that not only understood their values and DE&I commitment but also delivered exceptional results. Recognising this need, we demonstrated our understanding of their requirements and proved to be the ideal fit for their goals.

The Solution

We provided advice on candidate seniority and educated them on competitive salaries, ensuring an efficient hiring process. Remarkably, we successfully filled the first software engineering position in just over a week, and the entire project was completed in less than a month, fulfilling all the required roles.

To alleviate the burden placed on the Head of People and Culture, we also stepped in and took charge of the recruitment process, allowing their team to redirect their efforts and time towards their core responsibilities.

Our talent acquisition team added value through services such as unconscious bias training, engagement initiatives, on-site support, market research, consultation on candidate processes, and the creation of marketing content and benefit guides.

Since then, we have continued to expand their technology team, and in January 2023, we initiated an in-house partnership by integrating ourselves into their team and assuming the role of an in-house recruitment team.


Unitary's strategic talent acquisition initiatives resulted in significant outcomes, including increased revenue and successful fundraising of $8 million.

Ongoing collaboration with the team continues, with a focus on sourcing and recruiting for the ML Engineering team, reinforcing Unitary's growth and commitment to diversity in the AI and Engineering industry.

Just some of the 14 roles Understanding Recruitment has filled so far for Unitary:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Engineering Lead
  • Machine Learning Manager
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Platform Engineer
  • Machine Learning Ops Engineer
  • Software Engineer