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Understanding Recruitment is an award-winning consultancy that supplies talent for cutting-edge AI and machine learning jobs. With the growing relevancy of data in driving decision-making and long-term strategies for business, alongside the productivity and efficiency gains made from automation software, we recognise the need for organisations to connect with professionals that can empower their operations.

Offering recruitmenth services for companies across the UK, EU and USA, we enable our clients to scale their operations and expand into overseas markets. With 15 years of experience unlocking life-changing opportunities for our candidates and clients, we’ve maintained a high delivery record. As a result, we’re proud of our solid reputation as talent suppliers in the technology and software development industries.

Our candidates share our value of working stronger together. As a result, they’ve chosen to partner with us throughout their careers, entrusting us with discovering the next challenging and exciting role that aligns with their long-term career aspirations. We’re dedicated to connecting Machine Learning and Data Talent with companies across several sectors.

Alongside our Machine Learning and AI jobs recruitment services, we support developers and engineers to find roles across the digital and technology sectors. Our team of highly trained recruitment consultants are specialists in their area who can react quickly to your needs and provide expert advice, whatever your situation.

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Why Our Clients Choose Us for AI Recruitment

The machine learning and AI jobs team are always interested to hear from talented and ambitious candidates looking for mid and senior-level roles with organisations building the future of computing and automation. Our consultants collaborate closely with our candidates, ensuring we can connect them with market-leading positions to enhance their careers.

Having been successful in securing fixed-term, interim and permanent roles for over 7500 technology and software development professionals over almost two decades of operation, we’re proud of the strong reputation we’ve built as a dedicated staffing partner for our clients.

Machine Learning and AI Jobs

Data engineers discover ways to automate the parsing of large data sets in line with the business objectives they’re working toward. Earning an average salary of around £70,000, they’re responsible for building machine learning algorithms and predictive models that power long-term, strategic decision-making across many industries. Their role will typically be working closely with data scientists to interpret and report on the data they’ve helped collect and evaluate.

Machine Learning Engineers play a pivotal role in crafting and advancing automation and artificial intelligence solutions. Collaborating closely with Software Engineers and Data Scientists, they work on developing AI algorithms, from theory to production. With an average annual salary of approximately £90,000, these experts possess the skills to conceive, execute, and sustain innovative machine learning solutions. 

Data Scientists serve as essential architects of statistical solutions, partnering seamlessly with cross-functional teams to decipher immediate insights from large datasets. Averaging a salary of around £75,000, these professionals excel at interpreting data trends and patterns to drive informed decision-making. By adeptly employing techniques such as statistical analysis and predictive modeling, Data Scientists enable efficiency and strategic growth.

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With machine learning and AI jobs becoming increasingly popular across many industries, navigating the field and finding roles that match your long-term career aspirations can feel like a challenge. Our AI recruitment consultants are here to support you, so upload your CV, and we’ll be in touch with roles we believe are a great fit.

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The AI and machine learning jobs team work hard to support organisations of any size and within any sector, securing the professionals that can lead them in their data analytics and automation operations. Our consultants at Understanding Recruitment provide dedicated end-to-end hiring services. 

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