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As the go-to destination for software recruitment, our 90+ specialist recruiters have expertise spanning Java, JavaScript, Python, Rust, Golang, Elixir, .NET, DevOps, and Machine Learning & AI. Our team works tirelessly to connect you with the talent you need and helps developers find a job that ticks all their boxes.

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We’re big on finding the right people

If you need help growing your engineering teams, we're experts in scaling developer-first, SaaS, and Crypto Infrastructure teams. We've got a solid track record of taking start-ups from the early stages all the way to late-stage funding, IPOs, and acquisitions. We don't limit ourselves to any specific industry, but we're particularly skilled at recruiting top talent for Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3 teams.

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We're on a mission to create life-changing opportunities

Understanding Recruitment founded by Chris Jackson and Dale Swords in St. Albans, Hertfordshire.
Specialist consultants across the UK and the US including one of the largest team dedicated to Java recruitment!
Technology professionals placed in permanent & contract roles with some of the best technology-driven businesses across the UK, Europe and the US.
Clients successfully supported, ranging from innovative start-ups to established larger companies.
Expanded into the US as Acceler8 Talent specialising in AI and machine learning, hardware, software, and emerging tech.

The universe of logical people.

Planet Java


We're proud to have one of the largest Java recruitment team in the UK, catering to the demand for the world's most popular language.

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Planet Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning & AI

We are at the forefront of the booming Machine Learning and AI market, enabling numerous companies to scale up in Machine Learning Research and Engineering, as well as Data Science and Engineering.

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Planet Rust


Since 2018, we have been early adopters of global Rust hiring, specialising in recruiting talent across the UK, Europe, and the US.

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Planet Golang


We're pioneers in Golang recruitment, finding high-calibre Golang (Go) talent across the UK, Europe, and the US.

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Planet Elixir


We're one of the first to specialise in Elixir recruitment with a focus on the UK, Europe, and the US.

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Planet DevOps

DevOps, SRE & Cloud

We specialise in recruiting DevOps, Cloud, and Site Reliability Engineers, recognising that DevOps is not merely a title and that technologies within this field can vary significantly.

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Planet .NET


Our leading .NET recruitment team is focused on scaling tech teams across the UK, Europe, and the US.

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Planet Python


We source exceptional Python developers, from Junior to Engineering Manager level, who work with core Python and frameworks including Django, Flask, FastAPI, Tornado, and many more.

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Planet JavaScript


We collaborate with rapidly expanding tech companies in the UK, Europe and the US, offering guidance and recruitment services across all aspects of JavaScript Engineering.

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Planet Product


Our expertise lies in partnering with start-ups, scale-ups, unicorns, and globally distributed businesses to support their growth, change, or digital transformation projects.

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Planet Tech360


We collaborate with rapidly expanding tech companies throughout the UK, Europe, and the US, offering recruitment solutions in various IT and Tech domains.

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Some of the brands we partner with

We’re proud to be a trusted recruitment partner for some of the best technology-driven businesses across the UK, Europe and the US, specialising in Software Development and Technology.

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