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At the heart of our values, we are motivated by a deep sense of responsibility to make a meaningful impact on society and the environment. We strive to go beyond words and take actionable steps to create a ripple effect of positive change.

Together, We Are Shaping A Brighter Future.

From volleyball tournaments, fun-filled quizzes, to hot wing challenges, we're always coming up with new and fun ways to raise funds for charity. Every year, our employees choose 3 incredible causes to support while having a ton of fun!

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Giving Back To Our Communities

We actively collaborate with local schools, supporting them in various ways. Our engagement includes assisting students with their LinkedIn profiles, guiding them in shaping their career paths, and offering valuable work experience opportunities. By working closely with schools, we create meaningful partnerships that contribute to the development of future generations and foster a supportive environment for their growth and success.

About Us

The UR Foundation

In 2023, the UR Foundation was born giving one very deserving team member the chance to volunteer for a cause they are passionate about every year with our full financial backing. Charlotte Young, Understanding Recruitment's Head of Java, and the first to embark on this journey made a compelling case with her mission to support women suffering from HIV/AIDS to gain independence through the Women's Education Volunteer Programme in Kenya. 

Girls into Coding

We are excited to partner with Girls Into Coding, an initiative dedicated to empowering young females in various technology fields. Through our sponsorship, we aim to support their vision of achieving equal representation and a sense of belonging for girls and women in STEM activities, education, and careers. Together, we are working towards a more diverse and inclusive tech industry, addressing the underrepresentation and inspiring young females to excel in technology.

Net Zero by 2050

At Understanding Recruitment Group, we're determined to reach our net zero target by implementing various carbon-reducing initiatives in our office space. This includes motion-activated lights, LED light bulbs, elimination of mobile phones, recycling IT equipment, providing reusable coffee cups and water bottles, minimising non-recyclable waste, using energy-efficient multifunction devices, and practicing secure wastepaper recycling.


For over 60 years, charity Mind has been doing life-changing work providing mental health through 1000+ services in local communities across England and Wales, as well as supporting an online community and providing many virtual wellbeing resources. 

It's very important for us to support Mind, as part of our commitment to normalising conversations about mental health in the workplace and between colleagues, in addition to also having in place our Wellbeing Committee (including Mental Health First Aiders) and free Calm App membership for team members.

World Land Trust

International charity World Land Trust (WLT) has been doing critical work since its inception in 1989, which has protected over 2.4 million acres of land and funded the planting of over 2.4 million trees to date. The charity works internationally to protect environmentally threatened land and create reserves and give permanent protection to habitats and wildlife in around 20 countries, including Africa, Asia, and Central & South America. We’re thrilled to be supporting them this year so they can continue to protect endangered animals and land around the globe.

Charity Days

We firmly believe in empowering our team members to make a difference by volunteering for causes close to their hearts. We actively encourage and support their participation in initiatives they are passionate about. To demonstrate our commitment, we provide two paid holidays each year, allowing our employees to dedicate their time and skills towards making a positive impact in their communities. We recognise the immense value of giving back, and through this initiative, we aim to foster a culture of compassion, engagement, and meaningful contribution among our team members.

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