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Our JavaScript jobs consultants are dedicated to providing specialist support and staffing solutions for global organisations. As subject matter experts on JavaScript roles, we recognise the importance of JavaScript skills in scaling and expanding their online experiences.

Understanding Recruitment offers tailored recruitment services in the UK, EU and USA, and with over 90 consultants working for us, we have a truly worldwide reach. With proven experience in providing high-value and high-delivery staffing for clients across a range of industries, we’ve worked hard to exceed expectations and build our reputation.

Many of our candidates for JavaScript roles are proud to collaborate with us, believing in our value of working stronger together. They’ve chosen to trust us to guide them throughout their careers, and we’re proud to say that we’ve been able to offer them challenging roles leading the way for developing engrossing and exciting user experiences on the web. 

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Front and back-end development with JavaScript is a growing market. With the emerging popularity of TypeScript, the continuing dominance of React and Node, and the empowering influence of Kubernetes, the future looks bright for the field. Our JavaScript Talent & Salary Report explores the industry’s current salaries and how businesses in all sectors can attract and retain JavaScript talent.

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Our consultants are a high-energy bunch, always excited to discover the JavaScript talent of today and tomorrow and connect them with market-leading organisations across the globe to create impactful and forward-thinking web experiences. We work closely with businesses to establish their requirements and understand their market before sourcing and screening candidates. 

Having placed over 7500 technology professionals with businesses in the UK, EU and USA over our 15 years of operations, we’re proud of the solid and long-term relationships we’ve built with our clients, becoming the dedicated staffing partner for significant businesses. 

Modern-Day JavaScript Roles

With an average salary of £55,000, the full-stack JavaScript developer is one of the most well-remunerated members of the web development team. Their experience and expertise enable them to build, maintain and scale both the client-facing and back-end infrastructure on the applications and software they work on.

Node developers work with the open-source Node.js framework to generate dynamic webpages and CRUD applications and create data-driven platforms enabling businesses to scale up their operations productively. The average salary for a Node developer hovers around £60,000, a competitive figure for the niche skills that an experienced Node-specialised JavaScript developer brings to an organisation.

A JavaScript developer focused on the React.js framework creates dynamic browser-based experiences. As a professional focused on the front end, a React developer will also have experience in HTML5, CSS3, and TypeScript, making asynchronous calls to various APIs and utilising the latest web testing frameworks. React developers can expect to earn an average salary of £59,000.

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Taking the next step in a JavaScript-focused career can be confusing, with so many frameworks and new developments to focus on, it can feel hard to stay current with your skills. Our JavaScript recruitment consultants are here to guide you, however. So upload your CV, and we’ll contact you to discuss any opportunities we feel you’ll be a good fit for.

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