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Our Elixir jobs team are focused on providing specialist support and staffing solutions for businesses across the globe, from eCommerce to travel and the financial industries. As experts in Elixir recruitment, we recognise the importance of securing candidates with these skills for creating stable, fault-tolerant and scalable applications. 

Understanding Recruitment offers recruitment services across the UK, EU and USA. With over 90 consultants working for us, we’re proud to say we’ve got a worldwide reach and a solid reputation for high-value and high-delivery staffing for our clients’ Elixir vacancies.

Many of the candidates we work with for Elixir programmer roles have been with us for a number of years. They’ve chosen to stay with us as a long-term partner to guide them into challenging and exciting roles with ground-breaking organisations. 

In addition to our Elixir recruitment solutions, our team of highly trained recruitment consultants are specialists in their area who can react quickly to your needs and provide expert advice, whatever your situation. With Elixir's popularity for large-scale sites, the field will become incredibly lucrative over the coming years.

We’re the First Choice in Recruiting for Elixir Developer Jobs

Our consultants are excited to see the rise of Elixir vacancies, showing the acceptance of the language is growing outside of its more niche applications. They work with talented developers and programmers to connect them with organisations that will allow them to do ground-breaking work. 

With Understanding Recruitment having placed over 7500 software engineering and tech professionals with businesses across the UK, EU and USA over almost two decades of operations, we’re proud of the long-term relationships we’ve built as a staffing partner for our clients, particularly within the communications, travel, betting and finance industries.

Modern-Day Elixir Jobs

With an average salary of £45,000, Elixir software engineers are being called upon to utilise full-stack technologies based on Elixir or Erlang to build scale communications and data processing solutions. These roles are often in environments inspired by the continuous development/deployment methodologies of DevOps, offering an Elixir programmer the opportunity to work with cutting-edge cloud platforms.

Elixir is becoming an increasingly popular language amongst backend developers, often in tandem with AWS and Azure skills. With the strength of Elixir for PaaS microservices and the language’s usefulness in parsing large data sets, these roles are likely to become more prevalent in the coming months and years. Engineers working in this field earn a salary of around £40,000.

Information security is a data-driven field, and Elixir has ably proven its applicability to data analysis and evaluation. Indeed, its usefulness as a language for creating security infrastructure and APIs is now being recognised. These roles often earn an average salary on par with other security engineering backgrounds, at around £60,000 per year. 

Discover Elixir Vacancies with Understanding Recruitment

With Elixir being a relatively young language, it can be tricky to discover the roles that will allow you to do ground-breaking work. However, our recruiters work closely with you, understanding your expertise so we can place you with a business that will match your career ambitions. So upload your CV today, and we’ll get in touch to discuss our Elixir vacancies with you.

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