Oxford Nanopore Technologies Case Study

In the ever-evolving field of biotechnology, Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) stands as a pioneer in nanopore sequencing technology, enabling precise molecular analysis. Yet, ONT faced typical industry challenges, including resource constraints and complex analytical needs. Understanding Recruitment offered tailored solutions to ONT's talent acquisition demands, ensuring the formation of high-performing teams. For more insights into this collaborative endeavour and its impact on driving innovation within the biotech sector, read on.

Client Overview

Situated in the historic city of Oxford, Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) emerges as a beacon of innovation within the biotechnology landscape. With a steadfast commitment to advancing scientific understanding and medical diagnostics, ONT specialises in the development and commercialisation of cutting-edge nanopore sequencing technology. This groundbreaking technology empowers researchers and clinicians to analyse DNA, RNA, proteins, and a myriad of other molecules at the single-molecule level, catalysing transformative breakthroughs across diverse fields.

 The Challenges


Despite ONT's pioneering endeavours, the journey towards scientific breakthroughs is fraught with challenges. Within the dynamic field of biotechnology, ONT encountered a series of project hurdles spanning four critical business domains. These challenges ranged from resource constraints to intricate analytical requirements, posing significant barriers to timely project delivery. The absence of internal resources to address these challenges effectively threatened to impede progress and undermine the organisation's competitive edge.



The Solution


Recognising the urgency of the situation and drawing upon our established rapport with ONT, we proposed a strategic solution: the Augment model. Under this collaborative framework, we, Understanding Recruitment, deployed a select cadre of seasoned analysts to augment ONT's existing capabilities and spearhead the delivery of key projects across the identified business initiatives. By seamlessly integrating our expertise with ONT's internal teams, we aimed to fortify their analytical prowess, expedite project timelines, and ensure alignment with overarching strategic objectives.


 The adoption of the Augment model marked a significant improvement in efficiency and collaboration within ONT's organisation. By utilising the unique skills of our analysts, ONT experienced a major change in how projects were delivered. Our analysts skilfully tackled complex analytical challenges, making processes more efficient and promoting teamwork across different departments to push progress forward.

Just some of the 40+ placements we’ve made so far:

  • D365 Business Analyst
  • Senior Data Analyst
  • IT Infrastructure Project Manager
  • Senior Network Engineers
  • Lead Python Developers
  • Senior DevOps Engineer
  • ML Researcher
  • Project Manager – Dynamics AX
  • Senior Network Engineer
  • Algorithm Researchers 


In conclusion, the partnership between Understanding Recruitment and Oxford Nanopore Technologies showcases the significant impact of collaborative innovation in addressing complex challenges within the biotech industry. By utilising the Augment model, ONT has achieved increased efficiency, streamlined project delivery, and improved cross-functional collaboration. Our shared commitment to excellence continues to support ONT's mission of driving scientific discovery and advancing medical progress.

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