2024 Artificial Intelligence Talent & Salary Report



Unlock the future of AI & ML recruitment with our 2024 Talent & Salary Report. Download your copy and dive into exclusive insights tailored for Hiring Managers and Candidates.

As we propel into 2024, the evolution of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence continues to redefine industries and reshape the technological horizon. Uncover the latest insights in AI & ML recruitment by downloading our 2024 Talent & Salary Report, available exclusively on our website. Dive into a wealth of information tailored for Hiring Managers and Candidates.

What to Expect:

📊 Exclusive Insights: Access tailored insights and trend predictions crucial for Hiring Managers and Candidates navigating the dynamic landscape of AI & ML recruitment.

🌐 Global Outlook: Explore the geographical distribution of AI talent, their academic backgrounds, and the leading companies employing this exceptional talent. 

💰 Salary Guidance: Benchmark your company's AI salaries or see how much you should be earning to help you negotiate compensation, ensuring fair and competitive remuneration for your skills and expertise.

But that's not all – for a deeper dive and expert commentary, catch the exclusive recording of the LinkedIn Live launch of the report with our Head of AI Recruitment, Anna Heneghan. Let her guide you through the report, providing invaluable insights into the AI talent landscape.