Tapping Into the Rust Developer Community For Recruitment Success

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Celebrated for its performance, zero-cost abstractions, and memory safety, Rust has become a trusted language for programmers and tech firms. Though relatively young, Rust has attracted a loyal following of talented developers who are passionate about contributing to the language's success and development. With the demand for Rust developer talent intensifying, tech companies are having to employ innovative hiring techniques to secure top candidates. 

There are several effective methods of hiring top talent for Rust developer jobs, from reaching out via GitHub to hiring a software recruitment agency. Yet, one recruitment strategy in particular has emerged as an effective option - engaging with the Rust developer community. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the dynamics of Rust's ever-expanding user base, high-profile examples of businesses that have successfully engaged with Rust programmers, and the key strategies you should put into action to attract exceptional talent from the Rust community. 

Understanding the Rust Developer Community 

Developers and tech companies alike routinely praise Rust for its numerous technical advantages, including outstanding performance, robust memory safety, and unrivalled concurrency support. Given its industry-beating strengths, it is unsurprising that the number of Rust developers has risen sharply from 2.2 million in 2022 to 3.5 million in 2023. However, amid all the plaudits the language receives, one key advantage often gets overlooked - its vibrant and supportive community. 

Although some may be discouraged from adopting Rust due to its immature libraries and relatively small (albeit growing) user base, the language nevertheless has a dedicated community of devotees committed to advancing its progress and supporting new Rust users. Many programmers fall in love with Rust partly because of its close-knit, loyal following, and this is something that hiring managers looking to tap into Rust networks should bear in mind. 

If you are a tech business looking to engage with the Rust developer community to source the brightest and best Rust programmers, it is vital to gain a solid understanding of the community’s unique dynamics and characteristics. There are several key aspects to be aware of if you are to successfully connect with and recruit from this ecosystem, including: 

  • Core Values: The Rust developer community has distinctive core values, and understanding them is key for those who wish to engage with its members. Rust developers typically appreciate programming language features like performance, safety, and concurrency, so those looking to attract Rust talent should align their messaging with these values. 
  • Communication Channels: Rust developers tend to use specific and distinct communication channels. By learning about and engaging with these channels, firms will have a better chance of uncovering exceptional Rust programmers. Be sure to be vocal and visible on platforms like the Rust subreddit, the Rust discord server, and Stack Overflow’s Rust community forum, all of which host interactions between developers. 
  • Open-Source Culture: A defining component of Rust’s reputation is its long tradition of open-source development. Tech companies seeking high-caliber Rust candidates should actively contribute to open-source projects to establish trust and credibility within the community. 
  • Remote-Friendly Environment: For many Rust developers, remote work opportunities are commonplace. Companies that work diligently to establish themselves as remote-friendly employers are likely to attract Rust programmers who are advocates of location independence and work-life balance. 
  • Appreciation for Continuous Learning Opportunities: Like all software developers, Rust community members tend to value continuous learning and development opportunities. They are much more likely to apply for tech businesses that offer upskilling and reskilling opportunities like mentorship programs, workshops, and time for taking professional certifications.   

Case Studies: Successful Recruitment Efforts in the Rust Community

Whether you are an up-and-coming tech startup or a well-established multinational firm, sourcing candidates by engaging with the Rust developer community can be a powerful recruitment strategy. It’s no secret that the adoption rates for Rust are on the up, and various high-profile examples of top-tier tech companies have decided to implement Rust into their operations. 

Many of the world’s most accomplished firms routinely recruit Rust developers, utilizing community engagement methods to do so. They understand that to connect with the most promising Rust candidates, it is crucial to gain recognition for making meaningful contributions to the development of the language. 

Here, we’ll explore three acclaimed companies that have successfully engaged with the Rust developer community: 


Tech giant Google boasts a solid reputation for their commitment to the development of Rust programming language. Not only do they provide significant financial support to initiatives like the Rust Foundation, but their employees are also major contributors to open-source Rust projects. Google has released various open-source rolls and libraries written in Rust, from the Fuchsia OS components to the Stapeta distributed tracing system. 


Like Google, Microsoft is one of the Rust Foundation’s founding companies. Although their contributions to the language are not as extensive as Google's, they nonetheless devote considerable time and resources to engaging with the Rust developer community. From sponsoring Rust-related conferences and meetups to participating in open-source projects like the Windows Subsystem for Linux, the software giant remains actively involved with the language. 


Amazon is another influential organisation that has engaged with the Rust community by contributing to open-source projects. Their software engineers have released numerous open-source projects written in Rust, including components for the Amazon Simple Storage Service and Amazon Web Service’s Nitro System. The firm has been hiring Rust developers, participating in Rust conferences, and leveraging the language for internal projects for many years.

With an in-depth understanding of Rust’s vibrant, unique community, your firm can stand out from the crowd and ensure that your recruitment efforts resonate with highly skilled Rust developers. But to hire the best of the best, you must employ a series of effective recruitment strategies, a subject we explore in great detail in our Hiring Talent for Rust and Golang Developer Jobs guide. 

Top Strategies For Engaging With Rust Developer Networks

The Rust developer space is a tech community like no other. As fierce proponents of Rust’s undoubted strengths, the community is brimming with innovative software developers determined to make Rust a future go-to programming language for developers and companies, overtaking the likes of Python and JavaScript. As we explored earlier, tapping into this network can be decisive in securing the right talent for your Rust developer jobs. 

Whether planning a full-scale adoption of Rust or just looking for an outstanding programmer with experience in statically typed languages, proactively engaging with the Rust network is a surefire method of sourcing the exceptional talent your firm requires. 

Let’s explore the most effective strategies tech companies can employ to tap into the Rust community for recruitment success: 

1. Participate in Rust Forums 

A sure-fire way to make connections with top talent in the Rust developer network is to actively participate in Rust forums. There are several forums known for hosting fruitful discussions between developers at all stages of their Rust journey, including the Rust subreddit, various Discord servers, and the Rust Programming Language Forum, the language’s official forum. 

These forums facilitate a variety of useful conversations, from discussing common Rust-related topics such as server-side web development and performance-critical backend systems to supporting other programmers with producing top-quality code. For businesses looking to tap into the Rust community, getting involved in these platforms is an ideal way to build relationships, engage with the network, and, ultimately, attract talent. 

So, how can tech firms effectively participate in Rust forums? There are several approaches, including: 

  • Post Useful Content: Companies can highlight their market-leading Rust knowledge by sharing blog posts, tutorials, or examples of high-quality Rust code. Not only does this showcase a deep understanding of the language, but it also contributes to the community’s growing base of valuable resources. 
  • Highlight Your Use of Rust: If your business is already using Rust in your projects, be sure to share success stories about how the language has contributed to the positive outcomes of your projects. This may attract potential candidates looking for a business that shares their passion for the language. 
  • Engage in Discussions: There is an abundance of fascinating, enlightening discussions on Rust forums, and if you wish to attract talent, engaging in these meaningful conversations is a necessity. You could offer insights and perspectives that emphasise your thought leadership in Rust. 

2. Host Rust Community Events

As a tech community with an ever-growing base of devotees, the Rust network routinely hosts online and in-person events where people can join to share their appreciation for the language. The community arranges all manner of event types, including informal meetups, workshops, hackathons, and conferences. Companies and developers help each other learn, connect, and contribute to the Rust ecosystem by regularly attending and participating in these events. 

The largest annual gathering of Rust developers worldwide is RustConf, a conference that features speeches, workshops, and networking opportunities for developers and companies. Hosting events like this can help you carve out an esteemed reputation as a business that genuinely cares about helping Rust grow—something that is certain to pique the interest of sought-after candidates. 

Here are the key points to consider when planning to host an event for the Rust community: 

  • Define Your Objectives: Identifying your goals is paramount. Be sure to ask yourself these key questions - Is your event intended to showcase expertise, enhance programmers’ knowledge, or connect with the community? Who will be your target audience? Ambitious beginners or accomplished Rust developers? Your answers will help you to tailor your event accordingly. 
  • Event Format: As we mentioned earlier, the Rust community uses various event formats, including conferences, workshops, and hackathons. Whether you choose a workshop, informative talk, or informal meetup, you must ensure that the format is engaging and interactive.
  • Promotion Techniques: Deciding how to promote your event requires plenty of thought, from choosing which community channel to leverage to knowing which online platform to utilise to get the word out. Social media groups, Rust forums, and the Rust official website are all suitable platforms to advertise your event to Rust enthusiasts and professionals. 

3. Create Compelling and Informative Content

The power of content creation cannot be understated, especially where curious Rust developer community members are concerned. By their very nature, Rust programmers are passionate about enriching their knowledge of their beloved language, regularly consuming blog posts, podcasts, and articles about Rust-specific topics. Businesses looking to forge connections with the Rust community can draw attention from potential candidates by creating and sharing compelling and informative content. 

Here are the content formats Rust developers typically enjoy: 

  • Blog Posts: Sharing informative, well-written blogs on relevant topics, such as the trends shaping the future of the language, is guaranteed to intrigue Rust professionals. 
  • Video Tutorials: Video tutorials involving demonstrations of code implementations, problem-solving approaches, or practical applications of theoretical concepts are likely to generate interest in your brand. 
  • Technical Articles: Articles that go into detail on complex Rust topics are sure to be of interest to the more experienced programmers. 
  • Podcasts: Hosting or participating in podcasts that delve into Rust trends and challenges with other Rust experts will help to add authority to your brand. 

To ensure that the content you share with Rust networks is as relevant and insightful as possible, it is necessary to conduct extensive research into Rust programming. You should look out for the latest hot-button topics that the Rust community is talking about and the trends and developments shaping the Rust recruitment space. Your content should address community concerns, have a consistent tone of voice, and contribute to learning and development. 

When you have created high-quality content, you can share it in a number of ways. If your website features a media hub, you should post your blogs, tutorials, and articles there. Other effective methods of building engagement and interaction with your content include leveraging your social media channels and posting on community forums like the Rust subreddit. 

4. Provide Internships For Promising Rust Developers

Sharing thought leadership pieces and hosting community events are undoubtedly key methods for tapping into the Rust developer community, but what better way to demonstrate your commitment to the language than by providing opportunities for entry-level candidates? Offering internship programs for aspiring or beginner Rust programmers will indicate that the language is a core part of your long-term recruitment strategy. 

Another important advantage of providing internship and mentorship opportunities is that it enables you to strengthen your talent pipeline. By providing support and guidance to up-and-coming talent from the Rust community, you’ll have the opportunity to nurture the skills of promising programmers and ensure you’ll have a steady pool of potential candidates ready to jump into your Rust developer jobs whenever you need them. 

Here are our top tips for establishing an internship program for Rust candidates: 

  • Identify Potential Recruits: It is important to select interns based on their aptitude and potential. Once you have defined the program’s goals and objectives, you’ll have a better idea of the sort of individuals who would benefit from partaking in your internship. 
  • Design Program Structure: Outlining a well-defined structure for your internship program is a must. You and your interns should have a solid idea of the program’s duration, schedule, and area of focus. 
  • Develop a Learning Curriculum: Your program’s learning curriculum should be comprehensive, covering essential Rust concepts, best practices, and libraries. It should include a mix of code reviews, project mentoring, workshops, and soft skills development. 
  • Provide Comprehensive Onboarding: Making sure that your interns are aware of the expectations and purpose of the program is integral to setting them up for success. Your onboarding process should include introductions to the rest of the team, clear instructions, mentorship from more experienced team members, and access to the relevant onboarding materials. 

Our Final Thoughts On Tapping Into the Rust Developer Community

Engaging with the Rust developer community offers tech companies a vital recruitment strategy for sourcing top talent in the ever-more competitive world of Rust recruitment. By understanding the unique dynamics and values of the Rust community, businesses can effectively connect with exceptional developers passionate about the language.

Through active participation in Rust forums, hosting community events, creating compelling content, and offering internship opportunities, companies can establish themselves as leaders in the Rust space and attract skilled candidates. Embracing these strategies not only helps in recruitment but also fosters long-term relationships and contributes to the growth of Rust as a preferred programming language for developers and tech companies. 

Connecting Top Talent With Rust Developer Jobs 

As an experienced software recruitment agency with expert insights into the Rust recruitment space, we take pride in providing exceptional hiring solutions for tech companies and talented programmers. Our dedicated Rust department is passionate about forging relationships with high-quality candidates from this vibrant tech community. Whether you are already using Rust or are curious about implementing the language, we can provide you with the right professionals to ensure your Rust experience is a success. 

Reach out to us today to discover how our consultants can support you in achieving your recruitment goals.