The Rust Corner Podcast Episode 6: Eli Mirecki

In our sixth episode, Head of Rust Recruitment, Cedric Sellman, chats with Eli Mirecki, Founder of Searchless an AI LLM recruitment app written in Rust & Svelte that connects job seekers with hiring managers.  Together, they explore several topics, such as: 

🦀 Eli’s journey 

🦀 Why Rust for Searchless?

 🦀 The unconventional Rust & LLM partnership 

🦀 Svelte on the frontend, why not Rust? Rust’s limitations on the Frontend.  

🦀 Eli’s recommended crates + Projects  

🦀 His ideas on the future of Rust development

This episode is packed with invaluable insights and thought-provoking discussions on the intersection of Rust and ML. Don’t miss out! 

🔗 Dive deeper with the links discussed in the interview:

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