The Rust Corner Podcast Episode 5: Philippe Laferrière

In our fifth and final episode for 2023, Cedric Sellmann engages in a captivating hour-long conversation with Philippe Laferrière, a seasoned Rust Engineer at Polygon, and a passionate Mathematician with a deep-rooted love for Rust.  
Together, they delve into a variety of compelling topics, including: 

 🦀 Exploring the transition from C to Rust and the valuable lessons engineers can glean from Rust's paradigm. 
 🦀 Unpacking how Rust enhances one's engineering skills and contributes to becoming a better engineer overall. 
 🦀 Addressing the stigmas associated with working in the Blockchain space and discussing strategies to overcome them. 
 🦀 Providing insights into current projects at Polygon and offering an introduction to the intriguing world of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP). 
 🦀 Delving into Phil's perspectives on the future of Blockchain work and the evolving landscape. 
 🦀 Sharing practical advice on re-learning Rust and navigating the learning curve. 
Links discussed in the interview: 

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Rust in the Automotive Industry:
Polygon Value Proposition: rETH GitHub Repository: