The Rust Corner Episode 4: Ivan Cernja

Join us for an engaging conversation as we delve into the remarkable career journey of Ivan Cernja, who ventured from the world of project management into the exciting realm of open-source software, ultimately securing a fulfilling position at Shuttle using Rust. 

In this insightful interview, Ivan imparts invaluable advice on how you too can embark on your own Rust-focused career path, highlighting the essential steps and the winning mindset required to thrive. Furthermore, Ivan delves into the intricacies of advocating for Rust in the public domain, offering candid insights into both the strengths and challenges of this endeavour. He also shares his vision for the future of Rust, shedding light on the direction in which this dynamic programming language is heading. 

Our guest, Ivan, is a true dynamo, radiating charisma and boundless energy. Don't hesitate to connect with him to explore all things related to Rust and Shuttle: