The Rust Corner Episode 3: Jonathan Mercier Ganady

In our third episode, Cedric is accompanied by Jonathan Mercier-Ganady. Jonathan, a seasoned Rust enthusiast and Senior Software Engineer at Nillion takes centre stage as they delve deep into various compelling topics:

🦀 Tracing Jonathan’s captivating journey with Rust from its inception

🦀 Unveiling the realm of decentralised computing in Rust at Nillion

🦀 Navigating the intricate challenges of migrating from C++ to Rust within the gaming industry

🦀 Bridging the creative chasm between personal Rust projects and real-world applications

🦀 Embarking on an exploration of Micro-controllers and the realm of Embedded Rust

🦀 Glimpsing into Jonathan's visionary outlook on the future trajectory of Rust development

For those interested in diving deeper into our conversation, here are the links to the topics we discuss:

Macroquad: Delve into the world of Macroquad at It's a versatile platform suitable for 2D undertakings beyond just gaming, making it an ideal starting point for beginners.

Bevy: Elevate your understanding of Bevy by navigating to This robust engine, capable of handling both 2D and 3D realms, serves as an embodiment of intricate power. Notably, it integrates the ECS framework (Entity Component System), thus amplifying its potential.