The Rust Corner Episode 2: Maxwell Flitton

Join our Head of Python Recruitment, Cedric Sellmann, in our second episode as he dives into Rust testing with Maxwell Flitton, Author and Rust expert at SurrealDB.


🦀 Max’s journey from Python to Rust and their distinctions.

🦀 Rust's expanding role in enterprise development.

🦀 Navigating testing challenges and ensuring scalability.

🦀 A novel community shaping Rust testing practices.

🦀 Maxwell's Rust learning advice and future predictions.

Whether a Rust enthusiast or a newcomer, this episode offers valuable insights. Connect with Maxwell on LinkedIn, and explore his books:

Rust Web Programming:

A hands-on guide to developing fast and secure web apps with the Rust programming language

Speed Up Your Python with Rust:

Optimise Python performance by creating Python pip modules in Rust with PyO3

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