The Rust Corner Episode 1: Juxhin Dyrmishi Brigjaj

The Rust Corner is a captivating video series hosted by Cedric Sellmann, the Head of Rust Recruitment at Understanding Recruitment. Tune in to explore fascinating discussions with industry experts, delving into various aspects of Rust, including its design, features, and practical applications in the real world.

In the inaugural episode, Cedric engages in an enlightening conversation with Juxhin Dyrmishi Brigjaj, the Head of Engineering at Exein, an esteemed embedded cybersecurity project. Together, they explore several intriguing topics, such as:

🦀 The burgeoning popularity of Rust within the security industry and its implications.

🦀 Rust's role and significance in academia.

🦀 Effective strategies for leading distributed engineering teams.

🦀 Valuable resources and platforms for learning about Rust.

Juxhin's personal insights and recommendations for approaching Rust as a beginner.

🦀 Projections and potential future developments for Rust in the coming years.

Join Cedric and Juxhin as they provide valuable insights and perspectives on Rust, offering an enriching experience for listeners interested in this powerful programming language.