LinkedIn Live: The Growth of AI in Fintech & Career Tips for AI Talent Moving Into Finance

In this LinkedIn Live session, our Head of Machine Learning & AI Recruitment welcomes Angela Piergiovanni, an esteemed Talent Acquisition Lead who is spearheading the team at Shieldpay.

Shieldpay, a leading provider of streamlined and transparent payment solutions, caters to the legal and professional services sectors, as well as marketplaces and e-commerce platforms.

During this live session, we delve into the revolutionary advancements of artificial intelligence within the finance industry, exploring its potential impact on the broader tech landscape.

Join us as we unravel the various pathways into this domain and discover how you can truly shine among your peers. This session promises to captivate both AI enthusiasts and finance aficionados, as well as individuals aspiring to embark on an exciting career in this field.