LinkedIn Live: Empowering Diversity in the Go Community

In this LinkedIn Live, we shine a spotlight on the game-changing Women Who Go initiative. The Go community's gender diversity stands at only 2-5%, far below the industry standard of 15-20%. Women Who Go is on a mission to change this, with 15+ chapters worldwide organising Go workshops and events for women. 

🎙️ The Panellists: 

👤 Leo Sparkes - Head of Golang Recruitment at UR
👤 Anna Heneghan - Head of AI & ML Recruitment at UR
👤 Alice Cheung - Engineering Manager at Thriva Health
👤 Teea Alarto - Senior Golang Engineer at Curve

In this event, we discuss the transformative impact of diversity within our industry. Our focus was on gaining insights into the Women Who Go movement, a dynamic force that we passionately support, which is dedicated to fostering inclusivity and gender diversity within the Go programming community.

Curious about getting involved? Check out Women Who Go online and be part of the change!

LinkedIn: Women Who Go