Absolutely Zero Knowledge Episode 4: Houman Shadab & Wyatt Benno

We were delighted to host two exceptional guests on Episode 4 of Absolutely Zero Knowledge! In this insightful conversation, Ed Frost engages with the Co-Founders of ICME, Wyatt Benno and Houman Shadab, exploring a diverse array of topics related to zero-knowledge.

The discussion spans the current landscape of zero-knowledge, potential future web2 applications, regulatory aspects, and legislative considerations. Our guests delve into folding schemes, sharing valuable insights, and offering advice for those venturing into this dynamic space.

Additionally, listeners gain valuable insights into ICME's cutting-edge, highly-portable, and efficient Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technologies. The episode also sheds light on Wyatt's noteworthy contributions, particularly his work on building SuperNova, a subject previously touched upon in Episode 1 with Matej.