13Mar, 2024

Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress in AI


Celebrate International Women's Day with us - An inspiring panel talk, a networking opportunity, and a chance to join our mentorship scheme!

Guest Speakers

Anna Heneghan

Anna Heneghan

Head of AI Recruitment

Dara Sosulski, PhD

Dara Sosulski, PhD

Head of Artificial Intelligence and Model Management

Kelsey  Robb

Kelsey Robb

EMEA Community Advisor

Leah Wilkinson

Leah Wilkinson

Manager, Customer Success UK Enterprise

Fatima  Araujo

Fatima Araujo

Data Science Group Leader

Maria Tarasidou

Maria Tarasidou

VP of Data & Cloud

About this event

Ready to get inspired this International Women's Day?

Join us as we celebrate with an empowering panel discussion featuring some of the most influential women in the technology sector. This event is designed to shine a light on the achievements and challenges of women in tech, creating a dialogue that sparks collaboration and change.

Who is on the panel?

And hosted by Anna Heneghan from Understanding Recruitment

Why attend?

Hear from Leading Voices: Our panel consists of some trailblazing women who have made significant impacts in their fields. They'll share their journeys, the obstacles they've overcome, and their insights into the future of technology.

Network with Like-Minded Individuals: Surround yourself with forward-thinking professionals. This event is a great opportunity to connect with peers who share your passion for technology and gender equality.

Gain Actionable Insights: Whether you’re well into your tech career or just starting out, you'll leave with valuable knowledge and strategies to navigate the tech landscape.

Join our Mentorship Scheme: We have launched a mentorship scheme for women in the tech space, where we connect individuals who will guide, support, and inspire each other through the challenges and triumphs.

This programme is designed to foster personal and professional growth, so if you'd like to take part please drop me an email at cdowsell@understandingrecruitment.com or register in-person at the event!

We hope to see you all there!

Disclaimer: By registering for a ticket, your name will be shared with LinkedIn HQ to facilitate your access on the day of the event. Please note, this is a TICKET ONLY event with limited capacity. If you are unable to attend, kindly inform us so we can allocate your space to someone else.