Why Summer Is A Great Time To Recruit

5 minutes

For a lot of businesses the summer months are an unusual time of year with many questioning if now is the time to recruit or to wait until after the peak holiday season is over before looking to make changes within their organisation.

The months of June, July and August are a great time to attract new talent to your business for a number of reasons though and with the technology that we all have at our fingertips these days the process is easier than ever before. In years gone by we could lose weeks with people heading off abroad and being out of touch, but in 2018 most of us travel with a smart phone at the very least allowing for messages, calls and emails to reach us wherever we are on the globe.

The technology also allows for browsing through job boards at a time of year when people perhaps have time away from their usual routine and allow their minds to turn to thoughts of the future.

​After enjoying the last few weeks of beautifully sunny weather it's positive news for the British job market with CV Library quoting an increase of 5.9% in advertised roles with an rise of 1.2% in salaries across the UK. So while companies seem confident about recruiting, what does this mean for candidates?

According to a recent mid year survey by Totaljobs Group 64% of employees in IT state that they cannot see themselves in the same role this time next year, and while this may not mean they are being pro active in searching for a new role, this could be the perfect time to tap into talent who may be open to the idea of a new opportunity. So why is summer such a great time for the recruitment industry? Here are some of the reasons...

1. Happy holidays

The summer period isn't just a time for rest and relaxation, for many it's time away from their place of work and an opportunity to reflect upon their life and career plans. Moving outside of the usual routine can be a time for contemplation which can often lead to big decisions about career plans. Even if someone is enjoying time off at home for the summer, the mid year provides a natural time for pondering over whether they are doing what they had hoped back a few months ago at New Year.

 2. Time out

With many taking time out over the summer months on annual leave and the usual working week sometimes being disrupted by with flexible working, this is naturally a time of year when it can be more convenient for candidates to take calls regarding potential new roles. With the routine working hours being a little out of the ordinary the opportunity to pop off to an interview goes more easily unnoticed, taking away one of the barriers to a job search.

3. Refreshed and recharged

We all know that the sunshine lifts the mood and makes most of us feel happier. After the grey winter months most of us enjoy the warmer weather finding it leaves us re-energised and ready to take on a new challenge. It's that mindset and feeling that leads to refreshed enthusiasm and many being open to new opportunities and a job change.

4. Fresh talent

With the end of year marking graduation time for those leaving university, these months see an injection of fresh new talent into the pool of potential candidates. Having successfully completed a degree, graduates are ready to work and actively searching for a suitable position.
If you have a job opportunity waiting in the wings that you'd like to discuss, now's the perfect time to begin promoting the role, or as the saying goes 'make hay while the sun shines'!