KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Europe 2023: Insights, Networking & Innovation in the DevOps World

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KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Europe 2023, held at the RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was a highly anticipated event that brought together professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from the DevOps, Cloud, and SRE domains. As a team of dedicated recruiters in these fields, we were thrilled to attend this conference hosted by the Linux Foundation. Our experience proved to be invaluable, providing us with profound insights, fascinating takeaways, and exceptional networking opportunities.

The Power of Networking:

One of the most significant insights we gained from seasoned KubeCon attendees, who had been to multiple editions of the event, was the paramount importance of networking. While the conference featured a wide range of captivating talks, these experienced professionals highlighted the immense value of connecting with peers. By focusing on networking, they were able to forge relationships with current and former colleagues, explore potential client opportunities, and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. The recorded talks provided the flexibility to watch them at one's convenience, enabling attendees to prioritise in-person networking.

Interesting Takeaways:

Throughout the event, we noticed prominent themes that underscored the dynamic cloud-native landscape. Two key areas stood out: cost-saving strategies and security considerations. Various talks and companies showcased innovative tools and approaches aimed at reducing unnecessary expenditures, particularly in the context of multi-tenancy and optimising AWS costs. Additionally, the significant attention given to cloud-native security solutions reflected the industry's response to recent high-profile security breaches. The booths of companies offering these solutions were consistently bustling with activity, indicating a growing need for robust security measures.


Our top tip: The 300+ talks are recorded and available at the event, where you can pick and choose which ones to watch. The advantages are that you can play them at a faster speed, or simply stop watching if the talk wasn’t as relevant as you thought (something that is a little awkward to do in person).


Notable Speakers:

With an impressive lineup of 347 speakers, it was impossible to attend all the talks. However, we were particularly impressed by two individuals we had placed with our clients (we might be a little biased though!):


Camila Macedo – Placed at Replicated: Camila delivered an engaging talk on Kubebuilder, sharing valuable insights into new features and best practices for their utilisation. It was inspiring to witness professionals actively supporting open-source work, and KubeCon provided an ideal platform for such knowledge sharing.


Fabian Kammel – Placed at Control Plane: Fabian's inclusion as a last-minute speaker in a live demo on hacking and defending Kubernetes clusters drew a significant crowd. Andrew Martin, CEO of ControlPlane, even mentioned that Fabian was invited back to repeat the demo the following day, a rare occurrence at KubeCon. His expertise and engaging presentation style made a lasting impression.


Our Experience at the Event:

Our journey began by acquainting ourselves with the impressive RAI Convention Centre and exploring the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Once the main event commenced, we attended several thought-provoking talks before immersing ourselves in the bustling vendor booths. Our primary focus was on networking, enabling us to connect with clients, candidates, and industry professionals. We also had the pleasure of participating in the KuberBowl social event, hosted by some of the vendors, which provided a fantastic opportunity for relationship building.


The DevOps Community and the Event's Significance:

KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Europe 2023 exemplified the thriving DevOps community. The overwhelming turnout affirmed the growing importance of cloud-native technologies. Notably, 68% of attendees were first-timers, indicating a burgeoning interest in this field and an increased demand for knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.


Event Goals:

The event had a dual purpose. Firstly, it aimed to unite the community, fostering knowledge exchange and discussions on the latest advancements in areas such as multi-tenancy and security. Secondly, it served as a platform for extensive networking, facilitating connections among professionals who rarely have the opportunity to gather in one place.


Undoubtedly, we thoroughly enjoyed KubeCon 2023, despite the exhaustion that followed. The event surpassed our expectations, providing us with a wealth of insights and innovative ideas that will undoubtedly shape our future endeavours in serving our clients and candidates in the ever-evolving DevOps, Cloud, and SRE landscape.

 Want to know more about the event? Then check out their website here.