How to Retain Top Tech Talent in Golang and Rust Recruitment

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The prospect of costly staff turnover is an ongoing concern for the tech industry, with the demand for top tech talent far exceeding the supply. Recruiting and retaining exceptional software developers, engineers, web designers, and other tech professionals is a key priority for tech companies, particularly against the backdrop of an increasingly digitised world. A report from LinkedIn found that the tech industry has the highest turnover rate at 13.2%, a stark figure that reveals the extent of the retainment challenges that tech recruitment faces. 

As global tech giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Dropbox commit to using modern programming languages to future-proof their code, developers who specialise in Golang and Rust find themselves in sharp demand. Though relatively young languages, Golang and Rust are becoming go-to languages for developers owing to their memory management, concurrency, and performance optimisation capabilities. Attracting and hanging onto Golang and Rust developers is essential for companies who recognise the value, scalability, and potential that these languages offer. 

In this guide, we’ll explore why hiring a Golang or Rust developer would be beneficial for your business and delve into some of the most effective strategies you can implement to retain top tech talent. 

Why Hiring a Golang or Rust Developer is a Forward-Thinking Move

While Golang and Rust have a number of similarities, each has its own unique set of uses and benefits. For many years, tech companies have relied on computer language mainstays like C/C++ and Java for their programming needs, but with growing demand for better performance, languages like Golang and Rust have the chance to become the new industry favourites. Let’s give some context about these up-and-coming languages and why you should consider hiring a Golang or Rust developer. 

Hiring a Golang Developer 

Golang, an open-source programming language, has emerged as a top choice for developers seeking scalable and secure software solutions. Developed by Google engineers Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson, Golang was conceived as a modern, reliable alternative to C++. Since its introduction in 2012, Golang has garnered widespread attention and adoption thanks to its renowned simplicity, security, and speed attributes. Esteemed companies such as Netflix, Twitch, and Dropbox have embraced Golang, recognising its potential to effectively meet their complex programming needs.

Key reasons to choose a Golang developer for your company include:

  • You value simplicity and readability 
  • You prefer speed over memory safety 
  • You want to create web applications and APIs

Hiring a Rust Developer  

Introduced by Mozilla, Rust is a relatively new language known for its impressive memory management, safety, and performance capabilities. The language has grown in popularity since its launch in 2006, and the Stack Overflow Developer Survey in 2022 revealed that it is the most beloved programming language among the developer community. In the realm of systems programming, Rust has emerged as a modern alternative to languages such as C and C++, attracting developers who prioritise scalability and concurrency.

There are many reasons why you may wish to hire a Rust developer, including

  • You prioritise memory safety
  • You need a language with outstanding concurrency capabilities
  • You wish to build high-performance applications

Are you a tech company looking to recruit a Rust or Golang developer? Our software recruitment consultants are ready to support you in your candidate search, and if you’d like to learn all about our expertise in Golang and Rust recruitment, be sure to visit our dedicated team pages. 

5 Strategies for Retaining Tech Talent 

Hiring an outstanding Rust or Golang developer that perfectly suits your needs is no easy feat, and given the significant staff turnover rates that plague many tech companies, retaining their talents is another challenge for you to consider. Top-quality software developers are highly sought-after, so it’s paramount that you implement strategies that make your business stand out from your competitors. Here are 5 of the most effective methods you can use to ensure that high-quality Rust and Golang developers remain at your organisation. 

1. Champion a Vibrant Work Culture

Instilling a vibrant and collaborative work culture in which employees have a clear purpose is a surefire way to keep hold of tech staff. The significance of fostering a great office culture cannot be understated, as it has been shown to boost job satisfaction and morale. A survey produced by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 94% of people managers believe a positive workplace creates resilience within teams. By connecting people with purpose, you’ll help your developers feel a sense of belonging and loyalty to your organisation. 

2. Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits Packages

One of the key reasons why many pursue careers in software development is the salary and benefits. The profession’s relatively high salaries reflect just how in demand their skills are, and if you are serious about retaining top tech talent, you need to make sure that your compensation and benefits packages are as competitive as possible. 

Refining your compensation offerings doesn’t just mean upping the salary; you can add other financial benefits like sick pay insurance and income protection. It is also common for tech companies to provide soft benefits like reduced gym memberships and employee assistance programmes. 

3. Provide Top-Quality Equipment to Inspire Innovation

An issue that plagues many tech professionals is being given outdated equipment that prevents them from achieving and exceeding their goals. Older laptops tend to be sluggish and require regular reboots, tech glitches that can hamper software development tasks. 

Some tech companies may be hesitant to replace older equipment given the costs associated with it; however, if a high-quality technologist decides to leave because they feel they haven’t been given the right tools, the expense of hiring a new developer will be even greater. Investing in your staff and inspiring innovation is essential, and providing them with top-notch equipment will show that you are committed to their success. 

4. Facilitate Flexible Working Arrangements

The Covid-19 pandemic had a profound impact on many aspects of our professional and personal lives, and one of its legacies is the rise of remote working. Flexible working has become the norm for most tech professionals, so facilitating flexible working arrangements is necessary for talent retention. 

The Consumer Technology Association produced a survey that found that 92% of tech companies have a flexible working policy, including arrangements such as freedom of location, flexi-time, and staggered hours. By implementing flexible working practices, you can expect to see an uptick in brand reputation, morale, and employee loyalty. 

5. Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Your prospective tech employees will be more likely to join your organisation if you can demonstrate your dedication to diversity and inclusion. Diversifying the workforce has become a top priority for tech companies, with the vast majority of tech staff identifying as white males. 

This lack of diversity is one of the leading factors fuelling the tech industry’s staff retention problem, and research shows that employers who value diversity and inclusion have an advantage when it comes to keeping top staff. Research from Built In reveals that 75% of job seekers prefer to work in diverse environments, a key stat to bear in mind for tech companies looking to retain talent. 

The Final Word

The tech industry faces the challenge of costly staff turnover, particularly in the search for top tech talent. Retaining exceptional software developers and engineers is vital in an increasingly digital world. Rust and Golang developers are in high demand due to their memory management, concurrency, and performance capabilities. 

To retain these talents, companies should prioritise a vibrant work culture, offer competitive compensation and benefits, provide top-quality equipment, facilitate flexible working arrangements, and promote diversity and inclusion. By implementing these strategies, companies can retain high-quality Rust and Golang developers and gain a competitive edge in the tech industry.

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