How Tech Companies Use The Golang Programming Language

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We live in an age of technological innovation, and many aspects of our personal and professional lives have become digitised. In an increasingly technology-driven world, tech companies rely on computer software to automate their day-to-day operations and provide better customer experiences. The countless benefits that computing has brought to our economy would not have been possible without computer programming languages, and Golang is becoming one of the most talked-about.

Golang, also known as Go programming language, was created by Google in 2009. Admired for its simplicity, scalability, and efficiency, Golang has become a go-to language for many language developers. Though not as widely used as Python, C, or Java, Go is fast becoming one of the world’s top programming languages, and a rising number of tech companies are starting to implement it.

In this guide, we will explore the various advantages of the Golang programming language, how tech firms use it, and how to hire a Golang developer for your tech team.

What Are the Advantages of Using Golang Programming Language?


Many programmers have praised Golang for its simplicity and readability. With a relatively minimal feature set and a concise syntax, Go is an ideal choice for beginner developers who want to develop their coding skills. Owing to its similarities to C and Java, seasoned programmers with prior experience in those languages should easily get to grips with Golang concepts.


Golang has earned an esteemed reputation for its speed and efficiency, making it perfect for developers who specialise in building high-performance applications. Its fast compilation times, ability to generate native machine code, and minimal memory footprint all contribute to its impressive speed. Applications such as web servers and networked services, in particular, benefit from Golang, as it is capable of dealing with a wide array of requests without being sluggish.


Concurrency is the concept of allowing computer programs to deal with multiple tasks simultaneously. Golang has a thread called Goroutines, a feature that allows developers to create programs that can perform numerous processes at the same time. There is currently a greater demand for programming languages that facilitate concurrent programs, which is one of the main reasons Golang has gained traction in recent years.


Given Golang is a new and exciting open-source programming language with a range of interesting features, it is little wonder why there is an active and growing ecosystem of Golang developers. This community works together to expand their knowledge, solve problems, and develop packages and tools that help developers build high-quality applications.


Golang has become a popular choice for the world’s biggest tech firms, including Google, Uber, and Netflix. The language’s reputation for credibility is bolstered by the fact it was developed by top Google engineers. Thanks to continuous updates, improvements, and support from Google, the Go programming language offers its users a solid, reliable service.

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5 Tech Companies That Use Golang Programming Language

The fact that so many prosperous businesses have implemented Golang is a testament to the language’s success. From up-and-coming startups to international tech companies, all manner of companies are benefitting from the undoubted advantages that the Go programming language provides. Here are 5 examples of tech companies that use Golang and how they have implemented it:


As the founders of the Go programming language, it is probably no surprise that Google uses it extensively. From building scalable backend systems to developing cloud services, Google implements Go for a wide range of purposes. Their engineers are drawn to Golang for its simplicity and concurrency and have used it to power popular platforms like Google Earth and YouTube.


Twitch has emerged as one of the most well-known video live-streaming services, and its engineers use Golang for their busiest systems. Owing to its efficiency and readability, Go is able to effectively manage issues that come with displaying live videos alongside active chat boxes. In addition, the language has helped Twitch to boost its ability to manage dynamically allocated memory.


At the forefront of the cloud computing services sector, Dropbox is a platform that allows its users to share and store files. Dropbox’s engineers opted for Go programming language to scale its systems and manage its 500 million users better. They built their own internal libraries using Golang, a feat that enabled them to finetune caching and standard error interface.


The engineers at Soundcloud are fans of the Go programming language, not least because of its static typing and fast compilation. They particularly admire how efficient Golang is, allowing them to spend more time thinking about new applications without having to worry about coding too much. Many of Soundcloud’s services and repositories are written entirely in Golang.


Uber is another leading tech giant that has made the most of what Golang has to offer. The ride-sharing platform implements Go for its backend services, data processing tasks, and microservices infrastructure. Uber’s engineers have been particularly impressed with how Golang has improved their geofence service and how their Java and C++ programmers have been able to switch to the language so seamlessly.

How to Hire a Golang Developer Into Your Tech Team

Hiring a Golang developer into your tech team is certain to yield great results, and it is vital that you hire the right candidate for you. There are a few considerations you should take into account during the recruitment process, and we have made a list of our top 5 Golang developer recruitment tips:

Create a Detailed Golang Developer Job Profile

Prior to posting your job ad, it is crucial to ensure that you have created a detailed job profile. There are all manner of Golang developer-related roles out there, such as software engineer and senior developer, so it is imperative that your job listing specifies the ins and outs of the position. Having an ad that clearly lays out the expectations, responsibilities, and requisite skills will draw in the best tech talent with the qualities you require.

Look in the Right Places

Your Golang developer recruitment strategy's success may depend on where you seek candidates. Of course, posting on websites like Indeed and LinkedIn are great places to advertise, but given Golang development is a role that requires so many specialist skills, it may be a good idea to look for candidates in more Golang-specific settings. For instance, you can attend Golang meetups and conferences to find potential candidates in person or engage with social media groups where Golang programmers discuss the language.

Assess Your Applicants’ Golang Skills

Once you have shortlisted your top candidates, you need to assess them on their Golang expertise. It is imperative that you get a glimpse of each candidate’s skills in real-time, so giving them a test that assesses their code quality, problem-solving skills, and architecture decisions represents a key step in the recruitment process. You may also consider hosting a collaborative exercise where you can see how well your potential employees collaborate with your team members in an everyday work setting.

Consider Their Interpersonal Skills

Not only is it paramount for your new Golang developer to have excellent technical abilities, but they also need to be the right cultural fit for your team. Be sure to consider each candidate’s communication and teamwork attributes, as these will help you evaluate just how easy it will be for them to adapt to your company’s culture. If you discover a candidate with a winning combination of unrivalled Golang know-how and exquisite interpersonal skills, then they should definitely be on your shortlist.

Ask Key Questions at the Interview

Candidates who make it to the formal interview stage have most likely already demonstrated their Golang skills, but in-person interviews will allow you to evaluate if they can verbally express their knowledge in a professional setting. As well as asking them about their work experience and past achievements, you should ask them key Golang-related questions, such as ‘How would you define the Go goroutine?’ and ‘Describe the testing steps you would use with Go’ to test their knowledge and understanding.

The Final Thought 

Golang programming language offers several advantages that make it an attractive choice for developers and tech companies. Its simplicity and readability make it suitable for both beginner and seasoned developers, while its efficiency and speed make it ideal for high-performance applications. The built-in concurrency support with Goroutines allows for the efficient handling of multiple tasks simultaneously. Additionally, Golang benefits from a vibrant and growing community of developers, ensuring continuous improvement and support.

Golang's simplicity, efficiency, concurrency support, and strong community make it a promising programming language for the future, and incorporating Golang's expertise into your tech team will help your projects to succeed.

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