Alex’s Top Tips For Contractors

5 minutes

Our Head of Contracts Alexandra Martuccio works with all our Contractors daily. Here are her top tips to secure your next contracting role!

1. Don’t be a generic consultant or jack of all trades. Most clients we work with are looking for specific skill sets for their projects.

2. Make sure to read the role that is advertised in detail. If you have experience in the skills mentioned, make sure to highlight these on your CV. Only include the relevant skills you think match the role and describe what you’ve achieved by applying them in past roles.

3. In addition to skills, list relevant work experience you’ve had that is similar to the role you’re applying for.

4. What is your unique selling point? What makes you stand out from the other 500 applicants?

5. You may have the skills for the role but does your CV tell the same story? It’s the first thing we (and the client) see.

6. Clients and I don’t need to know your blood type or how many pets you have – keep it professional!

7. LinkedIn is your shop window and where clients find you. Double check that your CV and your LinkedIn profile match in terms of contract dates, companies and job titles.

8. Quantity is not always quality. CVs don’t need to be 20 pages long to be good. Just include the most up to date roles over the last 5-8 years in detail including a few bullet points followed by job title, client and dates. 

9. Make sure your CV looks presentable and double check for spelling mistakes and alignment issues. Ask someone else to take a look for you and make any changes we might suggest before we put you forward for a role.​

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