2019 London Java Developer Salary Report

5 minutes

The salaries presented below have come from candidate placements within the Understanding Recruitment Java team in 2019 and also from salary ranges for active vacancies with current partners.
This year has seen a growing demand for Java developers (also the case for other areas in development including Python, ML etc.) and higher salaries given to candidates with Cloud and DevOps tools experience and knowledge.
Alongside Java, highly requested skills that are sought after across the London market include AWS/GCP/Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, TDD and BDD methodologies.



JUNIOR JAVA DEVELOPER (1-3YRS) £40,000 - £65,000

MID-LEVEL JAVA DEVELOPER (4-5YRS)  £60,000 - £75,000

SENIOR/LEAD JAVA DEVELOPER (5YRS+) £70,000 - £130,000 

BENEFITS (in addition to standard benefits)

  • Remote working is the benefit in most demand. The majority of clients are offering it and candidates will often prioritise a role that offers 1 / 2 / 3 days remote working per week.  
  • Unlimited annual leave is also becoming more popular.  
  • Paid time off for charity work is increasing.
  • Weekly Deliveroos / meals or similar.


  • Flexible working hours in different guises. Some companies give employees full autonomy and say as long as employees work their total contracted hours. Most are happy for people to start / finish early as and when required. 

  • There’s a move towards companies that value professional development. They may facilitate people going to relevant conferences (or even if they can represent their company at a conference), offering training budgets, 10% time working on personal projects during the week etc.

For any further information about the statistics above or other information about the Java London market, including competitors, tech on the rise and hiring processes, feel free to contact me.