Tom Parker

Head of DevOps & SRE Recruitment

Tom has been part of the Understanding Recruitment team for over a decade and heads up one of the largest dedicated DevOps and SRE recruitment teams in the UK, supporting teams across Europe and North America to attract those with experience in Container, Service Mesh, Observability and the wide array of tooling in the Ops and Cloud Native world. 

Tom's team has been lucky enough to work with some of the most respected CNCF and Open Source project teams globally, as well as teams building the tools Ops and Reliability Engineers rely on daily. The team is location agnostic, working across continental Europe and North America, and have found that to add real value given the breadth of the Ops and Reliability space, it needed to specialise even further. 

Tom's favourite thing about his role at Understanding Recruitment is guiding the progression of the team and seeing them move through the ranks. 

A little known fact about Tom is he once met Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg!