James Hunt


James joined the U’s as a trainee late in 2013 following a stint in hospitality. After 2 years he moved into management and started what was then the FinTech team, and this quickly evolved into what has become the largest specialist Java in the UK with 17 consultants. Following Team Java’s success, James adopted the JavaScript team, working closely with Ben Mellows, as well as worked with Josh Smith and Cedric Sellmann, to spin off the specialist Python and Rust Recruitment teams respectively. Recently, he launched the USA Software Engineering Division with Bradley Howell to bring Understanding Recruitment’s expertise within the Software Engineering Recruitment market to the US. In 2021, James was promoted to Associate Director after 8 years at Understanding Recruitment. His favourite part of the job is working with the team to help them improve and achieve their goals and getting to see the impact this has on their lives outside of work. Outside of work James is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys socialising with friends and family. He is a self-confessed ‘foodie’, a lifelong supporter of Man United, and a huge Rafael Nadal fan. A little-known fact about James is that he is a massive eco-nerd!