Bourne Leisure Case Study

Bourne Leisure Holdings Ltd is a private UK-based company that operates in the leisure and holiday sectors. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, sustainable practices, and responsible tourism, Bourne Leisure faced recruitment challenges due to high staff turnover rates, a stretched management structure, and difficulty in attracting talent. Understanding Recruitment stepped in to establish an effective recruitment structure, provide support, and help make critical hires.

Client Overview

Bourne Leisure Holdings Ltd is a UK-based private company headquartered in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. It owns subsidiaries operating in the UK leisure and holiday sectors, including Haven Holidays, Butlins, and Warner Leisure Hotels. The company is committed to providing exceptional amenities, entertainment, and customer service and promoting sustainable practices and responsible tourism.

The Challenges

Bourne Leisure faced several recruitment challenges before partnering with Understanding Recruitment. These included a high staff turnover rate, stretched management structure, and difficulty in securing the necessary talent as they were losing out to nearby London. The hiring managers were struggling to cover the vacant roles in addition to their own responsibilities, leaving little time to focus on recruitment. 

To overcome these hurdles and drive the business forward, Bourne Leisure sought a recruitment partner with a proven track record to establish an effective recruitment structure. Understanding Recruitment was able to step in and provide the support needed to make critical hires.

The Solution

Bourne Leisure partnered with Understanding Recruitment on an exclusive basis to address their recruitment challenges. Understanding Recruitment's track record of success with similar high-calibre companies, in-house technology specialists, and proximity to Bourne Leisure's headquarters in Hertfordshire made them the ideal choice. 

After an initial kick-off meeting with Bourne Leisure's managers, Understanding Recruitment put a project plan in place to provide much-needed structure. This included service level agreements, CV review and interview schedules, role prioritisation, and focus areas. 

Over three months, Understanding Recruitment met with Bourne Leisure's team weekly to review CVs and agree on next steps. They also provided valuable advice to improve the candidate experience during interviews, conducted a deep dive into the market and competitors, and helped Bourne Leisure adjust salaries to be more competitive with neighbouring London. In addition to this, Understanding Recruitment wrote enticing job descriptions and ran targeted marketing campaigns to raise Bourne Leisure's profile in the local area and showcase their exciting projects.

The Results

Since beginning their partnership with Bourne Leisure in 2016, Understanding Recruitment has successfully placed over 100 tech professionals throughout the business. Understanding Recruitment's emphasis on finding individuals with the appropriate skills and cultural fit has led to a significant reduction in Bourne Leisure's staff turnover rates. Understanding Recruitment is proud to be a part of Bourne Leisure's success story and is eager to continue supporting their growth plans in the years ahead.

Just some of the 100+ roles Understanding Recruitment filled:

  • Technical Architects
  • Infrastructure Managers
  • Heads of PMO
  • DBA
  • Heads of Platform Support
  • Platform Support Engineers


Understanding Recruitment's partnership with Bourne Leisure has resulted in the successful placement of over 100 tech professionals, including technical architects, infrastructure managers, and platform support engineers.

Understanding Recruitment's commitment to finding individuals with the appropriate skills and cultural fit has led to a significant reduction in Bourne Leisure's staff turnover rates. As a proud partner of Bourne Leisure's success story, Understanding Recruitment looks forward to continuing its support and contributing to their growth plans in the future.